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Ghost Bug 9908C2 Bug Gag Toy(Green)

Ghost Bug 9908C2 Bug Gag Toy(Green)

The Ghost Bug is a smart-robot that slithers on any surface just like a real bug would. A slithering insect that will give your children a fun time is here from Ghost Bug. Your children will explore this bug and learn more about its behaviour while having fun at the same time.Slithering Micro Robotic Bug.The smart bug has micro-robotic features and have a mind of their own which helps them decide for themselves as they move forward in their typical rhythmic motion and enthrals your children.IR Sensor Detects Objects.The Ghost Bug is an interactive fun toy for kids. It’s equipped with an infrared sensor which helps this bug to sense and detects objects around it. This sensor is the brain of the bug that tells it to wriggle away from any obstacle in front, just like in the real world where the bug would move away from harm’s way and gives your children a thrilling playtime.Fits In Hand.Being small in size, Ghost Bug easily fits in your child’s hand and gives them a happy playtime.Two Micro Robotic Wheels.This toy has two micro robotic wheels that are strategically placed hidden inside it belly that helps in its movement.
March 22, 2019 Imrit

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